Anderson Hill Redevelopment
Austin, Texas
Anderson Hill Subdivision is a resubdivision of 1.374 acres of land on East 12th Street. This land is owned by the City of Austin, and will be developed by the Neighborhood Housing and Community Development Office as an inner city, single family, affordable housing project as dictated by the East 11th street and 12th Streets Urban Renewal Plan. The project is an approved Smart Housing Project and incorporates pedestrian improvements as well as the conversion of the historical Connelly Yerwood House into office use.

As a subconsultant to Aguirre Corporation, UDG provided civil engineering and surveying services. Work included a feasibility study of the development restrictions and potential of the site to provide a variety of housing products. In order to allow the highest density single family development, UDG prepared recommendations for variances to the zoning setback requirements. These variances were approved by the Board of Adjustment and then UDG prepared and processed a subdivision to allow the Connelly Yerwood House, townhomes and a new alley. The new alley was required in order to provide rear access and eliminate any driveway cuts on 12th Street. A zoning change was also prepared by UDG for the adjacent block to allow inclusion in the development. UDG then prepared the site development permit documents and construction plans for the alley. Plans include ADA compliance, drainage and grading, utility and sidewalk improvements.