The Town Lake Park project includes a $37 million Community Events Center and parking garage with $7 million park improvements consisting of fountains, wet pond and passive walking/play areas. The project also includes the demolition of existing improvements throughout the park area and the construction of the Community Events Center, Parking Garage and associated utilities, drives, sidewalks and loading areas. UDG was responsible for the civil design of the new Community Events Center and parking garage. Work included development of a water quality plan, grading, drainage, utilities and roadway design. Landscaping features also include a natural amphitheater and water fountains/features.

As a part of the redevelopment of the site, UDG designed a replacement of 560 linear feet of 60 inch wastewater main. The City had determined that the existing PVC lined concrete pipe was compromised and elected to consider alternative pipe materials. The final materials chosen for consideration were polymer concrete and fiberglass/mortar (HOBAS) pipe. HOBAS pipe was installed along with corrosion resistant fiberglass manhole risers for the "tee" type manholes. Since the line is a major trunk line for the south side of Austin, it was necessary to pump a substantial flow volume around the construction site. The connections on the upstream and downstream ends of the replacement section were designed to be made quickly and the contractor was able to make both in a single long day such that pumping was only required for a 14 hour period.

To solve an interim problem with water quality treatment before construction of the permanent wet pond, UDG designed a passive water filtration system using the existing ball field. The roadway design required the use of vegetative filter strips to treat runoff. Design is currently underway for the Phase II park improvements. UDG is responsible for the overall site civil grading and drainage and construction of new parking lots, sidewalks and park amenities. Design will require vacation of R.O.W., utilities and easements.

John Noell, Urban Design Group, served as project principal for this project and was responsible for design analysis of the water quality system and wastewater interceptor relocation. He prepared the specifications for the wastewater design which required bypass pumping, installation of fiberglass tee manholes and coordination with ongoing construction activities on site. Mr. Noell also oversaw all survey and easement preparation.

Town Lake Park Community Events Center & Cultural Landscape
Austin, Texas

Town Lake Park Community Events Center & Cultural Landscape