Water and Wastewater Pipeline Projects
Austin, Texas
The project consisted of redevelopment of 19 multi-family projects in the University of Texas West Campus area. Each of these projects included the design and construction of water and wastewater extension.

The map to the right locates 19 different projects that UDG has designed for different clients during the last three years. Each of these projects was the redevelopment of an existing site into a multi-family facility. All the projects are within the University of Texas West Campus area. All of the projects required new water and wastewater service from older, smaller diameter water and wastewater lines.

Each of these individual projects required that UDG staff work with the Austin Water Utility through the Service Extension process to determine the extent of off-site improvements required to serve each project. Upon approval of a preliminary engineering design (SER), UDG staff prepared construction plans for the water and wastewater service improvements. The work has included all surveying and engineering design.

Work on these projects required preparation of site plans including site grading, drainage improvements, detention ponds and approximately 1,602 L.F. of wastewater and 4,099 L.F. of water facilities. Work included preparation of SER’s for the sites and water system modeling for fire flow requirements. UDG staff coordinated all utility work in existing streets through AULCC. Design has included design for Great Street improvements and preparation of field notes for license agreements. UDG has fast-tracked the permitting for these projects.